Kingston Technology Company, inc.
Kingston Announces Availability of DDR2
Memory Modules Supporting New Intel 915
and 925 Platforms.
"Kingston is strongly committed to supporting
the latest in new technology and supporting
customers that are on the cutting edge of
  At, our
bottom line isn't about
dollars and cents.
It's about the people we
do business with - our
customers, coworkers and
community members.
We have a long history of
providing technology
products and services and
we welcome the chance to
share our story with you.
Seagate, inc.
The Seagate USB 2.0 Pocket Hard Drive is now available in retail stores. In addition to the statutory two-year warranty period in the EU, Seagate provides free lifetime technical support, even after the warranty expires. is

A leading provider of technology solutions for business,
government and education a principal source of
technology products and services including top name
brands such as APC, Intel, Cisco, Antec, Seagate,
Microsoft, Certance, Supermicro, Toshiba, NEC
and many more brand.

A distributor of contracts to end users for
customized and standardized on-site services.

Whatever your reason for visiting us, we're
committed to getting you the right information,
right away. If you need something beyond what is
listed on these pages, please contact us.
We're more than happy to help.

Microsoft Company, inc.
Microsoft 'Matchmaker' Initiative Unites
Resellers and Learning Solutions Partners to
Better Serve Customers
The Web portal
facilitates partnerships between resellers and
Learning Solutions partners, helping customers to
realize greater benefit from software investments.

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